About the Lonely Shoe Project

The Lonely Shoe Project is a web page that displays quotes from Laura Ciapponi at random. If you don't believe in random things, you may use the page as a way to communicate with her or your own loved one in the beyond.

Laura and Xeno For me, the over 2 million photo/quote combinations have an uncanny way of answering exactly what is on my mind at the time, as if Laura were talking to me directly.

Laura was a professional photographer, yoga instructor and personal theraputic chef. On her soul's journey, Laura traveled the world, seeking truth, wisdom and health. She helped many people while here, and it was her desire to help all beings from the other side after she left this world. This project is my attempt to assist her with that last wish.

The quotes are from her journals and from things she said while we walked this world together.

Each time you click Xeno's lonely shoe a new quote/photo is displayed. It is also a slide show that will update about every 30 seconds. The project is not chronological, as Laura considered the possibility that time is an illusion and that we are simultaneously all ages, young and old, always. This allowed her to see beyond age, to the timeless spirit of a person.

The Lonely Shoe Tour: In Laura's memory, I walked alone in all 48 lower US States from June to August 2016. There are photos in the lonely shoe from all 48 US states.

If you ever get stuck on something in life ask Laura. She was deeply spiritual, so wise, and was just such a beautiful person inside and out.

I am updating this on my birthday, January 8th 2018, the anniversary of our engagement in Maui years ago. Honestly, it has been a hard tearful journey. I feel like I have quickly aged 10 years in the past two, but Laura's words have helped me so much. I hope they help you.

Live well,